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'Enjoyment and enthusiasm linked with learning'

School Logo



'Enjoyment and enthusiasm linked with learning'

What You Need to Know

What you need to know

Before your child starts pre-school

If your child is less than 2 years old, you can put them on our waiting list by filling in an application form and handing it in at pre-school.  When your child is old enough we will contact you when a space becomes available.  If your child is already aged 2 years or more, you can call us to arrange a visit (see our contact details).  Just prior to your child starting pre-school we will ask you to fill in a registration form.

For more information about Carnarvon Pre-School, see our prospectus.


Times of sessions and collecting your child

We are open each weekday during term times only from 8.50am till 3.20pm.  We follow the term dates as set by Nottinghamshire County Council and have Inset days as set by Carnarvon Primary School.  Session times are 8.50am till 11.50am, 11.50am till 12.20pm (lunch club), 12.20pm till 3.20pm.

If you are unable to collect your child yourself, please let us know who is collecting and ensure they know your password.  We will refuse to release your child without consent.  Please deliver and collect your child from the outside gate, not through the main doors at school.  We will update registers as necessary during the day.



The cost per session is £13.50 (am or pm) and lunch club is £2.25.  This is payable even if your child is unable to attend due to sickness, holidays etc.  You will receive an invoice at the start of each term.  The school year is split into three terms: autumn, spring and summer. Please pay promptly, but if you have any problems please speak to the Manager.  


Funding is available for all 3 year olds for the academic terms following the term that they have their third birthday in.  You are entitled to 15 hours of funded sessions (am or pm) which can be taken with a maximum of two providers.  These funded sessions have to be claimed at the start of each term.  

PLUS : Working parents can claim up to an additional 15 hours per week (across 38 weeks).  (Max 1140 hours per year).  Both parents (or 1 parent in a single parent household) must be  working, each parents weekly earnings must be greater than 16xnational minimum wage, but less than £100,000 per year each.

These hours can be claimed at any OFSTED registered setting and split across a maximum of 2 providers.  You do not have to claim the full 30 hours, you can claim up to 30 hours.

Claims can be made at

To be eligible to claim the additional 15 hours you must have applied for and received an eligibility code BEFORE the start of term, there are strict cut off dates of 31st March, 31st August and 31st December.  Codes received after term starts will entitle you to the additional hours from the following academic term.  Codes MUST be revalidated every 3 months.


Funding is also available for some 2 year olds for the academic terms following the term that they have their second birthday in.  Further information and an application form can be found on line or ask us for details.

If you have not claimed your funded hours by signing a declaration form or obtaining a code then all sessions will be chargeable. We will advise you on the funded sessions when this applies to your child.


Contact numbers

Please ensure that you keep us updated with your contact details at all times.  We have business cards available with our contact numbers for you to keep in your purse/wallet.



Parents are asked not to bring cars onto the school site, to ensure maximum safety for all children.  Please park considerately outside the school and ensure you are not restricting access for emergency vehicles.  We ask that parents do not park at all on Nursery Road near the entrance to the school.


Access to school

The gate at the rear of the school into the playground is locked during the school day.  It is open until 9.15am and then re-opened at 3.10pm.  Please ensure that you use the paths to gain access to the front of the school.  This again is to ensure access to the school is controlled during the school day, and to keep all children as safe and secure as possible.



We have polo shirts available with school logo at £7 each, which are easy to wash and tumble dry.  Please send your child in comfortable, practical clothing and sensible footwear (i.e. no 'flip-flops' or heels etc).  Pre-school is a place for your child to experiment and explore and they will get dirty!  Please do not send them in their 'best clothes'.  Small children do have 'accidents' and we ask that all parents send their child with a change of clothes, in a named small bag, that can be hung on a peg with their coat.  If your child has long hair, please tie it up.


Naming items

Please can you ensure that everything your child has is named, including water bottles, lunch boxes, sun hats, jumpers... etc.  This will help us to help your child ensure that they have all their belongings at home time.



It is fine for your child to bring a special 'comforter' to pre-school but we do ask that you do not send them with any toys.


Food and drink

We provide milk or water, plus a healthy snack during our morning session.  If you prefer you may send you child with weak squash in a suitable, named container, for milk time.  Water is freely available at all other times.

If your child is attending all day you can send a packed lunch or purchase a hot school meal.  Please let the Manager know at the start of the morning session, if your child is having a hot school meal.  All hot meals have to be paid for in advance, via ParentPay (you will receive details regarding this), or at the time of ordering.  A menu for the week is always on display in the reception area at school, and also available on the Nottinghamshire County Council Website.

Please do not send fizzy drinks or glass bottles.  We promote healthy eating and ask that you do the same when you are making a packed lunch.  We find that most children enjoy lots of different fruits, salads and vegetables.  Please do not send any products with nuts, due to allergies.


Notice of leaving

Please keep us informed regarding your child's placement at school.  At any other time we need four weeks notice or fees in lieu.  Please confirm all changes in writing.


Queries, Ofsted reports and further information

If you have any queries or concerns, however small, please talk to us.  We have all had children ourselves and completely understand that parents can find it difficult to pass control of your most precious possession to someone else.  We will take very good care of your child and nurture them.

Ofsted inspection reports are available from our own Website (  These reports, as well as further Ofsted information about our registration, are also available from our area on the Ofsted Web site.


To arrange sessions and for further information, please contact us.